Gearing up

Serious work around the house has been minimal. Apart from chopping down a few trees, eradicating a few rats and some general upkeep, we have been taking it easy.
Don’t worry, we haven’t lost motivation… You couldn’t live in a house in this state and not stay motivated! It’s more a combination of lack of funds, bad health (back problems :S), and holidaying that has hindered progress.

While living in Sydney, I had an endless supply of tools from my brother and my Dad. I also had a nice little stash myself that I have left along the way since I was living in a unit and had nowhere to put them. So my lack of funds isdue to the fact that for each job, I need to buy tools before starting (and also the recent holidays, but let’s not mention those).

Now down to business. To do the flooring, I’m going to need some tools to pull the old boards up, and to fasten the new Yellow Tongue flooring down.

Just got back from Bunnings…


I have a circular saw which I will use to cut the old boards up into manageable sizes, ready for lifting. I may also use the chainsaw to get right up to the wall. I don’t recommend using the chainsaw for the whole floor though; you need to set the depth on the saw to make sure you don’t cut anything you don’t want to , like ducted heating or wires. Plus it’s noisier and messier.

I will also use the circular saw for cutting the new Yellow Tongue flooring to size.

Lifting the floor boards and de-nailing the joist will be done with a hammer and crowbar. There are larger “floor lifting” bars, but I should be OK with these.

The next thing was to work out how I would fasten them. I have screwed flooring down in the past, but this is difficult in hardwood, and would require pre-drilling each hole; tedious and requires 2 drills for speed.

I was looking at Paslode framing nailers. These are great tools. My brother swears by them… all tradies do. The problem for me is it only does one task for $623.00! Sure they are extremely mobile (as they are not attached to anything) but for me that is not a huge feature as I am only working in my house, not going from site to site.

As you can see from the image, I have gone the more versatile option (which is loads cheaper); The air compressor. This has given me my framing nailer and finishing bradder for $393.00 including compressor, hose and fittings. Not bad at all, can’t wait to fire it up.

It also uses the same clipped head 34 degree nails that Paslode uses, so no problems getting new rounds.

The brad nailer is perfect for the dressed timber work. It will cut down the time it normally takes to nail off skirting boards and architraves. I was going to do this the old fashioned way until I bought the air compressor. A Paslode bradder is another 600 bucks or so.

Also in addition to nailing the flooring down, I have my trusty tubes of construction adhesive. This is an essential part of fixing any flooring.

I have the next week off work to get this done. It also involves removing an inbuilt robe, so plenty of pics to follow.


3 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. What a haul of tools! I’m fortunate that I have your Sydney situation full time. My Dad (a tradie) is close by and has all of the tools I need. However, he has started asking when he can have his air compressor back. Perhaps it’s time for me to pay a visit to the Canadian version of Bunnings?

    • Lucky you, I definitely took it for granted before. At least by the time I have kids, I’ll have a garage full of tools for them to borrow like our dads did. But I would want my air compressor back at some point too! 😉

      The equivalent is Home Depot (Bunnings modelled themselves off these guys, so they have many similarities) or Lowes. Are these nearby? I’m guessing yes, they’re everywhere, right?

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