Post-travel reality check

After nearly 5 weeks of travel and the last 2 weeks travelling with my wife, the house didn’t take long to run itself down.

Being spring, the lawns were over a foot high. Ideally a slasher would do the trick, or at least a self propelled mower, but unfortunately I have spent the budget for these on my travels… So the cheapest option to tie me over for another couple of weeks was to hire a push mower.


Also, the spiders, mice and rats have come out with the warming weather. We called the pest controller the day we got back, as the spiders were everywhere and the rats in the roof sounded like possums. He treated the house yesterday and today we are already seeing casualties!

As much as we like gardening, would have loved to spend the weekend on the ever looming task of the flooring…. Updates on this later!

Back to looking for self propelled slashers on eBay…


One thought on “Post-travel reality check

  1. You have my sympathies–or perhaps more accurately my husband’s. Our grass got extremely long this spring, and he had only our old push mower until we bought our tractor a few months into farm ownership. Aside from mowing every so often, we made the conscious decision to leave outside work this year so that we could focus inside. It means that outside looks decidedly unkempt, especially now that it’s all turned brown with the arrival of fall. At least yours is green!

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