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Things may seem a little quiet, as I have not blogged in a few weeks, but it has been quite the opposite.

My role as a Product Development Manager gives me the opportunity to travel the world in search of great product ideas and and learn from manufacturers from a variety of markets. We are a very forward thinking company that realises the value of innovation; every aspect from product design and fashion, to packaging, merchandising, point of sale etc.

My latest trip took me right to the source of fashion; Italy, France, UK and Spain. Visiting Cersaie Fair in Bologna was the main goal, but great design was found everywhere.

There are 3 main fashion themes of the moment that are very prominent throughout design be it clothing and fashion or interiors and furniture. 1. Organics, 2. iPhone, 3. Colour Pop.
These are highly reflective of the world today, which I feel will make it a classic trend, not a fast forgotten fad, which will be appreciated and admired for years to come.

Organic styling has gone beyond the wood, stone and pebble of the past. We are seeing the boundaries being pushed in textures and feel, but also shapes. Some designers are quite literally using tree branches for furniture legs. Global Eco concerns become so front of mind that we are trying to get as close to nature as possible. Also, organic design is about breaking the norm, throwing out the ruler on the draft board and producing a kind of familiar but unexpected look and feel.

Shrubs Table by Zhili Liu


Borghese Sofa by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance


A great example of organic look and feel, taken at Cersaie Fair; Flaminia


iPhone movement may not be remembered as this exact phrase in years to come and perhaps Apple are not 100% the inspiration for these designers, but the reflection of the iPhones distinct design is definitely present in colour, materials and shape.
It reminds me a lot of Art Deco, in the way that Art Deco encapsulated everything modern about the times; Cruise Liners, Aeroplanes, Bakelite, Chrome etc.
Nowadays, the use of glass, chrome, black and shiny white surfaces in a thin, wafer-like form reflects societies love of mobile devices and has opened a new door for design, in a simple, sleek and well rounded way.

Some designs are quite subtle, but the Geberit Monolith cistern is making no disguise of it;


Fromac proving that even tapware can have that iDevice look


Now the most prominent of all (maybe because it simply stands out the most) is Colour Pop movement. This is the first time since the 70’s-early 80’s we have seen colour used like this. Bold and loud, on every surface possible. Clothing to crockery, showers to soap holders… Colour is everywhere. It’s an inventory managers nightmare but designers dream!

A homewares shop in Modena


Showerheads by Ponsi



2 thoughts on “Design and fashion

  1. Very fascinating Mathew! All your travels no doubt have you rearing to get back to work and create! But please leave the Colour Pop out, as you said it hasn’t been seen since the 70s and there is a reason for it! Simply Yuck!

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