When we bought this house the thing we were both most excited about was getting in and ripping up the carpets.

Probably because I am a bad asthmatic; I am a lover of hard floors, but more to the point, I am a lover of timber floors. Carpets just don’t cut it for me. I love a great rug, but to be honest I have never really forked out the cash for what I would consider a great rug, so I have just kept my floors bare & naked… How I like it.

We were told the boards hidden under the carpets were Baltic Pine, which is a lovely pine specimen and just quietly worth a bit too, so we planned to polish the floor as it stands.
The issues with this;

1. Victoria is much colder than New South Wales and the old, gappy boards are freezing and give the house a terrible energy rating. It is now spring, here’s the forecast;


2. They are covered in underlay that has been stuck to the boards with an adhesive that isn’t easily removed


3. A large number of boards need replacing

Decision time!

My initial thought was to pull up the boards, salvage what we can & find similar boards for the extras we need.
For a better energy rating I want to lay Yellow Tongue flooring first, then the boards back over the top. With all the glue on my boards I was thinking to flip them upside down.
So I did a bit of web browsing to find old floorboards that are a match for mine.
Urban Salvage have heaps of info on their site, so me being me, I went down there to have a chat in person (I’m old school).
It turns out my Baltic Pine is not Baltic Pine, but rather a cheaper, more inferior species of Oregon. Because its not sought after, it’s pretty well impossible to find salvaged boards of this kind, and to top it off, my boards are not in any condition to re-lay.

The Plan:
Scrape off as much of this underlay as possible so our house is somewhat liveable. This took some effort, and more than $120 worth of turpentine, to break down the foam (but the glue won’t budge).


Lay Yellow Tongue ASAP. This floor has to go! The good thing is we can do the Yellow Tongue as stage one, while we save our clams for a seriously good reclaimed floor with loads of character.

We want a beat up floor, lightly sanded and tung oiled of course, that looks like its been here for years. If its got some history behind it even better.

Stay tuned for the demolition…


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