We definitely get sidetracked easily, but for the purpose of this blog we will call it early planning and preparation.

Although we are not even close to buying paints for either exterior or interior, the collection of paint colour brochures is mounting on the dining table.

*I would love to hear from anyone who knows of a good “retro” colour / wallpaper collection or has any great ideas for decorating period style*

I am still scarred by the days I spent as a kid removing the wallpaper, that someone in the 70’s thought was a great idea, from our family home (yes mum & dad, I totally called you out on the child labor). Despite this, I am still game to use wallpaper as a feature.

I have seen some cool art deco patterns that would really set the tone for the house, so I am keen to see more. Paper hanging is making a massive revival around the world but Australians being as conservative as we are I can’t help but feel limited for choice.

Example of what I like:



Images sourced from Osborne and Little


2 thoughts on “Paint

  1. Hi im Helen! i live in England so i anything i reccommend you may not be able to get in austraila! but i have recently started a blog about decorating so please feel free to check out my ideas! I am also a huge lover of wallpaper and find that if you invest in an expensive one but just have it on one wall (a feature wall) can create a better effect than doing the whole room in it! Ebay is a good place to start looking! hope that helps! Happy Blogging!

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