Inspiration Gallery

With all the hard work going on its important not to forget to visualise what you’re working towards. Especially if you have set some design goals that aren’t as easy as ducking down to your building supplies shop.

We bought this house because of it’s character and the beautiful surrounding. So for this reason we set just a few goals;
Use classic pieces that are sympathetic to the houses age
Be as environmental/sustainable as possible; conscious of energy efficiency in design and using recycled/reclaimed materials as much as possible.

The ironic thing about the modern age of internet, is that it makes looking for old things incredibly easy. I have already come across some Melbourne based salvage dealers that I am sure I will need, when the time is right (when I have time and money).

Select Salvage has some awesome salvage building materials like windows and doors. Although I can’t place the exact age our our house just yet (1950’s from what my neighbour tells me) we will be looking for pieces from 30’s through to 50’s. These are an example of what will be looking for;



If anyone knows of other good resources for salvaged materials I would love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Gallery

  1. Definitely 1930’s – maybe earlier. Hogan Park was established in 1922. I’ll ask a couple of the local ‘families’ – the ones who have been in Emerald for generations.

  2. It has been brought to our attention that you may be disturbing the native habitat of a potentially endangered species of wombat, Lasiorhinus latifrons magnus irrumbado.

    • Haha Walter, even the spam filter on my page wasn’t fooled.

      I will post about my wombat adventures soon enough. I can assure you, no wombat will be hurt in the process. FYI; they are protected, not endangered 🙂

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