I can recall when we bought and renovated our last house, we swore never move in straight away and attempt the first few crucial renovations while we were living there. This was a good plan and we should have stuck to it.

On the day of getting the keys things always are a little crazy at the best of times. But couple that up with needing to remove 70m2 of carpets… plus move into your house and vacate your rental, all in 3 days; this is what sends you nuts.

The carpets were putrid, displaying an array of multicolours that are beyond wear and tear;Image

The pungent stench of cats (in general & needing to relieve themselves) was sending my allergies into a frenzy. The only solution was to rip them up immediately.


  • When pulling up carpets, peel back a section at a time, that is small enough to handle easily, around 1m is ok.
  • Make sure you don’t cut into the floorboards. The best way to do this is make the cut after peeling back the section and cut along the folded part. Even if you don’t plan on finishing your floorboards, you dont want to mark them; who knows you might change your mind in years to come.Image
  • After cutting, roll carpet up into a loose but managable roll. This will obviously help you carry it out, and also save space (volume = dollars) when disposing the carpets;Image
  • Make sure the wife doesn’t miss out on the fun. I was a true gentleman and let her rip up the worst partsImage
  • Always borrow a mates ute for the dirty work (thanks Griffo). Disposal cost for this load was $80Image

Stay tuned for the next blog on removing underlay. There were two layers of underlay; one more recent one that was put down with the carpets (as you can see in the back of the ute, this came up with ease); plus one really old layer that was stuck to the floorboards and won’t budge…. no wonder they left it here the last time they did the carpets!


One thought on “Carpets

  1. Those carpets are gross! Your tips are both funny and helpful. Your advice to cut the carpet into manageable strips is the best one. My husband will tell you that many times when we’re watching home decor/DIY reno shows on TV I end up yelling at the screen, “Cut it!” as I watch unknowing homeowners try to wrangle a massive long roll out of their house.

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